Frequently asked questions

How is the pide packaged

All our pides are vacuum packed to ensure the best quality of flavour and freshness when heated. Excuse their appearance we promise your pide will still taste delicious.

Is your pide gluten-free?

Our pide dough is not gluten-friendly.

Can I change my address?

After placing your order, it will not be possible to change your address.

Do you sell vegetarian Pides?

We have a selection of pides suitable for vegetarians! Also, all our pides except our Kusbasi Kasarli are halal-friendly.

How long do the pides last?

Please check the expiration information on the pides when they arrive.

My postcode doesn't work?

Currently, we only deliver within a 6-mile radius. If this changes, we will update our website and social media to let you know

Where can I see nutritional and allergen information?

All allergen information is available when purchasing and on the pides packaging when you receive it with your delivery.

I want to order more than 10 Pides/can I do a bulk order?

You can indeed bulk order pides! Just drop us a message through our contact page.